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Adopt Your First Shiba

From Mercury to Planet Nine, we, Super Shibas, never stopped exploring... till we found our current home, Earth. The Earth is a playground for us. Everyday is an adventure here. We discover new places, savor the many cuisines and make new friends. Since the day we arrived, we expanded our field into The Discord, where we learn insider knowledge and participate in missions to bring Super Shibas to the entire world! Are you ready to play?

Adoption Milestones


Super Shiba Giveaway - ACHIEVED

Submit a derivative in your own style on our Twitter and the community picks the best 3.


Super Shiba Live Stream -ONGOING

Tune in to LaughAndBelly on Saturdays 10AM SGT while she doodles based on community requests.


Monthly Exclusive NFT -ONGOING

Shiba adopters will stand a chance to claim a limited edition, custom Super Shiba NFT each month. There might even be artist collabs!


Equip in Super Shibas -ONGOING

We will launch a adopters-only merch store with limited edition gear.

The Super Team



1. How can I adopt a Super Shiba?


2. What are Super Shibas?


3. How much does it cost to adopt a Super Shiba?


4. What can I do with my Super Shiba NFT?


5. What is NFT?


6. What is Presale Whitelist?


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